NEPRO for schools and academies

Supporting schools and academies across the UK: Recommended by the DfE

NEPRO is the fast, compliant, cost effective way for schools and academies to buy and manage professional services, recommended by the Department for Education.

Advisors for schools

We understand that effective schools and academies make the best use of resources, ensuring that every pound is used efficiently to improve standards and have maximum impact for their pupils. NEPRO is the only professional services deal recommended for schools and academies by the DfE.

NEPRO provides a cost-effective and compliant route for the procurement of professional services. School Buyers can choose from thousands of providers via a pre-accredited supply chain.

With 19 categories of spend available, Bloom helps school management focus on business services including transformation, finance, ICT, HR and provides advisors specifically for schools to help with:

  • Curriculum Advice
  • Facilities Management
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Marketing
  • Organisational and Change Management
  • Safeguarding
  • School management and improvement support

Benefits for schools

In addition to providing full control and visibility, risk management and value for money, Schools and academies can access:

  • Best Practice: School-driven development of specifications that can be used by the whole schools’ population.
  • Management Information: The regular provision of a tailored dashboard providing data relating to usage, project categories, contract awards and savings
  • Cashable Savings
  • These benefits are all delivered through a web-based platform that is easy to use for non-procurement professionals within the school administration.

Managing risk

NEPRO is fully compliant, which means that School Buyers can choose from thousands of providers via a pre-accredited supply chain. All contractual obligations are defined and agreed upfront, providing peace of mind, an audit trail and full transparency. That means risk is mitigated and quality assured.

School Buyers are helped to define a robust specification for the required outcome. Procurement specialists then manage the invitation to bid, proposal, receipt, evaluation and selection providing a completely independent approach.

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