NEPRO delivers a compliant framework that works for buyers and suppliers of professional services

Buyers and suppliers can benefit from NEPRO’s compliant approach to meeting the public sector’s specialist professional service requirements. 

As delivery partner, Bloom was appointed after an open tender process. When a buyer signs a call-off agreement with Bloom, this gives the contracting authority access to NEPRO and means that any appointment of a professional services provider has been completed in a compliant way.

Equally, suppliers providing services through NEPRO are vetted and contracted through a standard public sector contract that clearly defines their responsibilities.

Benefits for buyers: compliance at speed

NEPRO lets buyers access a large, dynamic community of pre-accredited suppliers who have been vetted against strict criteria, verifying capability to deliver in the chosen category.

New suppliers can be added to the community at any time

Buyers start with assistance to create a quality specification and then select the best supplier for each project, through use of a mini-competition or for each project, based on a compliant process.

Buyers using NEPRO save between 11% and 19% against budget.

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Benefits for suppliers: Efficient UK-wide route to market

NEPRO enables suppliers to access more business opportunities across the UK public sector in a quick and efficient way. Suppliers can join the community at any time

With over 70% of projects to date delivered by SMEs, NEPRO helps smaller and local suppliers access opportunities.

Register once via a cloud-based system and be on the radar for opportunities across the public sector, for 20 categories and 340 sub-categories. There is no charge to register, accredit or participate in project opportunities.

Once a project has been successfully delivered, a fee of 5% of the value of the project is payable.

You can promote your accreditation as a compliant route to market, as once accredited, suppliers have access to the full list of buyers using NEPRO.

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