Benefits for suppliers


We manage a variety of consultancy, specialist professional services and interim management requirements on behalf of a range of public and third sector organisations across the UK. Our driving principle is to ensure value for money for our clients while providing them with a choice of experienced and reputable suppliers in the market place that can work in partnership with our clients to deliver their requirements in the most efficient way.

We recognise that each requirement may not be unique but the specific needs of each organisation are and that’s why we work with a range of suppliers from large, multi-nationals to micro, niche suppliers to provide our clients with choice.

Becoming an accredited NEPRO supplier is a straightforward online process and as soon as you’re accredited you will be:

  • Notified of opportunities that match your profile
  • Provided with a detailed specification of our client’s requirements
  • Kept informed of the buying process and any factors that are likely to affect the final decision
  • Offered feedback on the client’s decision
  • Able to do work compliantly with any member or associate member of NEPO
  • Offered a compliant route to the market for those categories that you are accredited against.

If successfully appointed to carry out the assignment, we will provide you with all supporting documentation ready for your first day with the client.