The Neutral Vendor solution for Specialist Professional Services

The innovation you need in public sector purchasing

NEPRO is a safe and viable alternative to traditional procurement methods that helps reduce your risk, deliver savings and facilitate compliance. It’s a unique way to appoint professional services that maximises your return on investment. It also helps you support smaller and local businesses with a fast, compliant process.

The NEPRO solution was developed by NEPO to respond to the needs of its Member Authorities in the North East and Associate Members across the UK. It offers a solution to the procurement of professional services by the public sector that brings real-time control, manages risk and reduces cost through a compliant route to market.

NEPRO is available through our delivery partner, Bloom, for 19 categories of professional services spend and almost 240 sub-categories. Bloom was appointed to deliver the solution as single supplier following a competitive tender process from December 2015 for a period of four years.

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How the NEPRO solution works

The NEPRO Neutral Vendor solution provides an outcome-focused approach. That lets you concentrate on what needs to be achieved and by when, not who might be able to deliver it. It’s available for everything from smaller projects to total solutions, delivered by accredited suppliers.

First, Bloom helps to create the best statement of requirements possible. Then the buyer is presented with a selection of the most relevant suppliers that meet the requirement. You have the choice of running a mini competition through Bloom with the 4,000+ suppliers in the community or direct appointment of a known supplier.

The NEPRO solution is cost neutral to buyers because suppliers cover the cost of the service. Overall, the costs to buyers are transparent and fixed. For suppliers, Bloom offers a cost effective route to market to a breadth of public sector opportunities.

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The fast, compliant route to the choice of suppliers you need

All the complexities of supplier management are handled for the buyer as Bloom contracts with suppliers on behalf of the public sector. That provides greater control and transparency of expenditure, while ensuring compliance. It helps you focus on your strategic ambitions such as creating greater social value.

Bloom offers a diverse and dynamic community of hundreds of suppliers, helping you source the right capabilities, capacity and experience for each project. The Bloom supplier accreditation process ensures all standard documentation; such as professional indemnity insurance, collateral warranties, right to work and recent references are in place. Delivery is then assured by putting in place all necessary contractual agreements and managing the relationship with the chosen supplier.

You have a choice of managing your projects through Pro-vide, the efficient, cloud-based project management system or working offline. Pro-vide is at the heart of the Bloom approach and gives the public sector community a single resource to find common projects. Through regular project updates and highlight reports, you can monitor the quality of the services being delivered. Each project ends with a full buyer satisfaction review and you pay only on results.

Let’s get you started

There’s four simple steps to better managed professional services:

Sign a call off contract with Bloom if you’re not already a Member or Associate Member of NEPO
Give Bloom your brief – or ask for the available templates
Select your supplier; let Bloom brief and manage the delivery until payment is made

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